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  2. Got one more question, do you have an actual pic of what part #16 looks like? What kind of o-ring? Rubber? Or what?
  3. Yea thanks for putting that up. That was the digram i was trying to put on here but my photo bucket isnt working. That is exactly how i have mine set up. Its all stock. Maybe the axel is bad but the guy who did the bearings didnt say it looked bad but idk!? Thanks for the info. Im gonna go ahead and take it apart again see what i can find. Ill keep this updated
  4. Yea roger it has the castle nut with the cotter pin. After complete install of of wheel i can ride two passes and the castle nut is starting to back off and the wheel has play. Do i need to have a bigger plate washer on it? I cant figure out how to post pic from a tablet or i would post pics for u. Thanks for helping!
  5. I can tighten that center bolt as tight as i can get it then give her hell and when i jack it back up it has just as much play in it. I dont understand something?
  6. The steering is fine i can hit at least 30 and let go and its straight as an arrow. It when i put it on a jack and shake it back and forth it has play. How i noticed it was looking straight at it from the front and the left front wheel is bowed in so i jacked it up and shook the wheel and could tell. When the wheel is off the sprocket itself has a little play but not like it does when the wheel is on. If that makes sense?
  7. Im new to your forum and i have searched to the best of my ability and cant find a thread for my problem so im gonna ask. As stated above i have an auto wolverine 350 that i bought for my girls and the left front wheel has play in it. I thought it was the bearings so i had the seals and bearings changed out and it still has play! What could be the problem? Tie rods? Axel or what? Im at a loss and its driving me crazy! Any help/ knowledge would be greatly appreciated

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