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  2. Hi everyone, noob here! I am helping a buddy of mine with his newly acquired Eigner LT400. Here are the details: Quad has 87 miles on it, yes, only 87 miles. PO started it up one day, put it into gear and heard a popping sound from engine/transmission. He had a mobile mechanic look at it and the mechanic told him he needed a whole new tranny. I do not know much about quads but I work on my own Dual Sport (KLR650) and offroad trucks. Here is what I have done so far: Starts up fine with electric starter and pull/manual starter. Neutral light comes on if I move shifter to neutral. Reverse light comes on if I move lever to R. If I change gears while its running nothing happens, it will not move if I apply some gas (either in L, H or R). With engine off I put tranny in 1st gear and try to move quad by pushing back and forth and I have resistance. If I put it into a higher gear I can move it back and forth with some resistance and can hear the gears crunch. We are going to wait for weather to get a little warmer here in the NE and the first thing we will do is drain oil and check for any metal shavings or chunks of metal. Next, we will take off tranny side cover and look for any obvious damage. Could you guys recommend a good shop manual (in store or online would be fine)? Any other test we can perform before taking it apart? Anyone have experience with this kind of problem? Any help would be greatly appreciated!! Ride safe, John

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