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  2. Hi again, was there yesterday and looked at it. 2 owners, last one for 10 years. Engine did not feel good, smoke smelled very much burned engine oil. Dip stick smelled like exhausts. Runned bad om idle, but ok on some rpm. Trivetrain felt good. Moss was growing on skidplate, for real! Very black smoke, snow got black after 3 seconds, I smelled burned oil for the rest of the evening. Engineblock was leaking oil in middle, carburator was rusty (all steel items), well everything steel was rusty. Shifting gears was easy, some times. Pull starter was stuck, lights was flickering, cut wires was hanging and so on. Drivetrain felt fine anyway, must be sturdy... There was no deal They said afterwards they didnt now from time to time if it was going to start or not when they tryed. Thank you for all answers!
  3. Might it be oil fouling? Oil leaking in from valves or piston ring = engine rebuild? Will I surely see blue smoke then? Other way to see problem easy? Well, cant start to tear it a part before buying it, might not even pull plug... It just hit me that they told me of spark problem 3 times, might they know that it needs more work then harder riding and want to keep their back free. Just got suspicious... edit: Just saw last post: Yes 350, valve tweaking like adjusting or pull top and change seal?
  4. Thank's that was quick! They have had it to a shop once a year for maintenance, they have not found any fix for it. Not sure if it was a good shop or how hard they tryed. But they told seller to inform of the plug when selling... As long as it is no potentially "big" problem I am calm. They said it stalls when cold if they leave it running, but cold engines can do that. Not sure how sensitive these are. I have 2 hours in car to see it, otherwise I should have been there for a test drive already to see for my self. Yes, it is stock tires so then it's no worry I guess, they belived it was original, the owned it for 10 years.
  5. I am about to buy a BB 350 -1996 that have a starting problem, but they change spark plug and then all is fine until next time, not sure how often but it sounded like it was common. Sparkplug gets black. They drive it mostly short times, water to horses and back. Might it be only that reason"? What would worst case scenario be? They also got a flat tire so they bought one new tire, on 4wd I learned that is a big no no. What do Big bear say about that? Lets say other tires is half worn.

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