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    2005 Arctic Cat 650 H1 - Clutch Problems

    I did that and the clutch worked, still had to rev it pretty good. Took the clutch wheels off and found a family of dead mice stuck in there, also drained the oil and found metal shavings on drain plug. I have no idea now, hoping I don't have to have motor rebuilt again cuz it would be the third time in three years.
  3. I have a 2005 650 H1, whenever I go to take off, I have to basically floor it to get it to move, and it only goes about 5ph with the engine revved up. I took the belt housing off and checked the belt, it looks ok,(no cracks), but its full of black dust. I swamped it a couple years ago and had to have the top half of the motor rebuilt. when rebuilt, a new belt was put on last February. My question is: would the belt possibly be glazed, or should I take it apart down to the wet clutch and check/replace that?