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  2. hey guys quad won't start. I rolled it yesterday and it cut off. Would not restart. Starter motor just spins. Not turning the crank. Could I have broken the crank shaft keyway? It will not start by pulling it either. What do you guys think.
  3. new problem I flipped my ride. lol won't start now. sounds like the starter won't engage. (zinging sound) I pull start it, still sounds like start not engauging. ran great before I flipped it
  4. Thanks everyone it was the carb. niddle and seat. replaced with new one. runs great
  5. 2002 Honda 400ex No power with WOT. Starts great. I can put around but no power with 50% or more throttle
  6. 2002 Honda ex400 Was riding one day and quad just lost power. Tore it down to check valves and gasket. all good. It sounds like a misfire. Bougs down when give it gas. Not sure what the problem is. Starts great just no power.
  7. I was riding the other day when the atv just lost power. Starts up fine but no power. Has rocker noise so i pulled the valver cover off to check rockers. One Rocker looked loose. I pulled the head off to check the valve. Looks a little weird but not out off the ordinary. Any ideas. I put compress air to engine and sound some air is coming through the head.
  8. Thanks Oxidized_black. I put the spring and plunger in and the quad started right up. Sombitch. Wow.Valves are alittle noise. More work to do.
  9. hello riders Picked the atv up not running. owner did know not why it wouldn't start.(kinda fishy) tore it all down. previous owner put brand new piston in it and gasket set. No marks on the piston so it wasn't running after he rebuilt top end. someone been in it. LOL. checked rings. all ok. Valves are seated.timing dead on. put it all back together. Well the 2002 honda 400ex still won't start. Went through everything again. The spring and plunger for the decompression cam is missing. Will this make it not start. Has the stock cam in it. What do you guys and gals think????
  10. I need a link for repair manuel for 2002 honda 400ex. Help?
  11. Thanks for the response I cleaned the carb pretty good. I forgot to mention that I pulled the quad behind the truck and still no start. I'm a pretty good tech but damn this thing has got me stuck.
  12. Hello fellow riders. new to this. I have a 2002 Honda 400ex. Just picked up. It will not start. Owner said it was running a few days ago.(LOL). Quad was all together when picked up. spits and sputters and back fires. This is what I have done. #1-checked fuel--OK-Spayed starting fluid--no start #2-check spark--OK #3-check compression-100-110psi #4-Pulled valve cover off and check timing. Timing good. top dead and cam at two lines even with head. #5-doubled checked timing again-OK #6-6 of 8 bolts holding valve cover stripped.Don't know if this affects anything. #7-decompression seems to be working-only rotates one direction. Manual dosen't seem to say much on it works. Any advise would greatly help Thanks Eger rider

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