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  2. The dealership couldn't find an issue. They said after they went through everything and cleaned the terminals on the fuel pump that the four wheeler started right up. So Im guessing the issue was a bad connection. Thanks for all of your help.
  3. Update: I checked all fuses and all looked good. I powered up the atv and didn't hear the fuel pump cycle. I checked warranty and its good until the end of next month. So Im taking it to the Honda Dealership tomorrow for repairs. I will update this forum as soon as I find out what the issues are with the Honda. oxidized_black- Thanks again for all of you help!
  4. the kill switch is not on and the bike is in nuetral. Ill make sure im getting fuel...ill update this tomorrow night. This is very wierd. I drove a few time last night and it ran great. then all of the sudden without notice it wouldn't start. THANK GOODNESS I was in the garage and not in the woods!!! Thanks for your replies.
  5. I have a 2013 Honda Rancher ES that wont start. Last night after running the atv for 10 minutes I parked it for 2 minutes. When I came back to start it up the atv would not run. It was turning over. All electronics are working properly. The battery is strong. I sprayed a little bit of carb cleaner in the intake with filter off and the atv started for a second. I changed the spark plug and it still wouldn't run. Whats the next step to check before giving up and taking it to the dealership?

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