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  2. Thanks again! Would anyone know what my Kazuma is by these numbers on the engine? #05050887 ans VIN # 095100956. There was a vin code look up at one time but oxidized black. Its not running yet - I need to find time to get working on it. Thanks for your help
  3. thanks,i will look in to that not to sure how its done I am a hot rod guy not a quad guy how do I find time mark. also a repair book on this and vin.code so I can be sure of what it is.red cat decal on it.
  4. It has spark, compression, gas, new cdi box, coil, alt, ignition switch but still wont start! The handlebar starter button doesn't work most times. Sprayed starter fluid - still nothing. Shift indicator lights up & horn works. I can't figure out why this just wont start. Any advice and I'm all ears.

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