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  2. Tim-anc , thanks for the pic i will use it as reference. I think the tensioner is working i also gave it a few clicks manually with a screw driver to tighten it up a bit more and still makes the noise. I doubt it something with the piston because its all new got the main bearing and con rod bearing checked to make sure while i was rebuilding and the tech said no probs. what is driving me is that it only started that noise after a few start ups it was running then all of a sudden knocking???
  3. no it wasnt off just thought maybe it might of been a tooth off or something.I will check the cover again but dont think i saw marks. I am going to do an oil test today someone suggested maybe low oil pressure.
  4. Hi there, I've recently rebuilt a 2005 700 king quad engine that blew a piston due to over heating, or so its what it looks like!! Now the engine is back in and pured like a kitten for the first few start up tests. I called my buddy over who is the owner of the bike so he can give me a hand at getting the rest of the stuff back on and as he was testing it out in the shop and it started this knocking noise out of nowhere in the top end or i think anyways. Ive tried it all taking the head off to inspect, re-timed and re-timed, check the cam chain and cams and cannot figure out what it is. I have a video for whoever can give me idea what the heck it is. Thanks any help would be appreciated. Also it seems to stop knocking when i give it throttle??? [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0yQx2Xc6ktk]King quad engine knock - YouTube[/ame]

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