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  2. We'll we got it fixed we losen off actuator then used cleaner and air works fine now. Thanks for all your help another question rear diff is it gear oil? Thanks again guys if this helps anybody else
  3. Ok thanks mission will start tomorrow will up date either wat
  4. Buddy says if take bolts out if diff it will lift enough to take actuator out? Going to try that say there should be any lose parts ?
  5. well that sounds like fun thanks for your help let oyu know in coulple days how im making out
  6. ok I have played around with the electrica etc seems fine I take out bolts for actuator and when I pull it out not all the way a it hits mount you here it disengage light goes out on dash. press button and it trys to engage again but not? some one poste some ware could be dirt in actuator? is there awayto get actuator out with out removing whoe diff?
  7. 05 700 I have same problem 4x4 doesn't engage light stays on and lock blinks when its turned on??

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