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  1. I assumed that since my starter is turning over the solenoid was fine?there is just no spark.
  2. Cdi = brand new Stator = replaced wires from coil to connector, tested resistance to factory specs! Producing voltage Pickup coil = producing voltage Regulator=brand new Ignition coil and plug=brand new Kill switch is allowing it to turn over so obviously not an issue... I've traced every single wire on this bike and rectified any bad spots and insured proper placement/connection on every single one. I'm lost guys helpa brotha out?
  3. How many of you guys bring old bikes back from the grave? I'm new to the site but have been finding trash quads and bringing them back to life for years. Just curious if anyone else prefers riding an old bike they revived overa newer one?
  4. Found an old warrior next to a dumpster in an alley in North St. Louis. Took it home and started messing with it, got it running and took it to the country that weekend. I don't think I've sat on a dirt bike since.
  5. My old man and I have a long going friendly competition to see who can wind up with the best bike for the least amount of $. This started about 20 years ago when we bought 3 1970 Yamaha Enduros that had been sitting behind an old ladies shed for over a decade. They had been sitting for soo long we literally had to dig them out because they had sunk in the mud up to the forks and frames. We paid $50 for the trio and spent 2 months wrenching and restoring. Replacement parts were either fabricated or found in a bone yard. By the time it was done we had $90 invested in 3 of the best running Vintage bikes I've ever seen. Great bonding and learning time over the years and now that I have 3 boys and one on the way, I'm passing the hobby on to them... Best sight in the world is watching your 9 year old ride his $80, 90cc Sunl still covered in grease after fabricating a swing arm and rebuilding the carb. They don't always turn out the nicest machines but we have just as much fun riding them as we would on a new rig and get alot more pride and satisfaction out of it because we brought it back to life. Any knuckle head with a pay check can buy a quad, not a whole lot of guys are capable of bringing them back to life. Anyway, I picked up the klf for $100 off cl, he went the next weekend and grabbed an `82 klt200 for $100. The bet on the table is whoever spends more $ making their bike reliable has to drive to the others house and trailer the winners bike to the farm for a weekend of trail riding and buy lunch at the greasy spoon we ride to. We live 3 hours away from each other and we both live 3 hours away from the farm. I was up there this weekend and his cdi is fried... If a rewire using factory harness gets the klf running I'll have bragging rights for a while. Not to mention the previous owner painted the plastics of his klt black:no: and my klf plastics are original with no cracks! I'm kinda excited about getting it going:elefant: it'll be a real nice, all original Vintage
  6. Is an 88, I'm boggled... I download the Clymer from here I'm a day of away from pulling every wire and redoing the whole thing...
  7. Really, Nothing, Not even a smart alleck "you got a wiring issue."
  8. Trying to resurrect an old Bayou and I found that there is a constant 12v coming out of the plug wire? This is even happening with cdi removed.

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