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  2. I doubt it, its a 2011 with 600 miles, im second owner, i got it with 480 miles but of coarse i dont know how long of a warrenty suzuki gives and the guy i bought it from said nothing about it, honestly i never thought to ask, i suppose i could call the dealer from which it was bought, what it the typical warrenty?
  3. I called dealer and they said with that model it has to b taken to dealer and hooked up to computer to read the codes and reset them, my machine is running rich especially at low rpm so was hoping there was a code, but dealer told me being its a throttle body there still may b air/fuel adjustment screw on outside of the tb, ilk check that out later i quess
  4. Tried the diagnostic jumper and it does nothing on my quad, nothing shows up like is posted on thread u led me too
  5. Repair manual, no, just havent got around to getn one, just got quad end of feb, just have owners manual, ill check that site out thanks
  6. Thanks i will def try that when i get home from work, im definately comfortable doin this as ive done it on my car, thanks do much for the info as im frustrated as all hell with way its running on the low end, ill post what i find out
  7. I got a 2011 king quad 400 asi thats fuel injected (throttle body) when machine is cold it runs great, after riding it for a while it gets extremely sluggish when ur just kinda cruising with a little bit of throttle applied, goin about 8-10mph with just a little bit of throttle it feels and sounds like the engine is struggling or under an extreme load, if u give it more throttle it will pick up and take off and run great, it seams to me i got fuel/air problem but know nothing of how to work on fi atv, i changed and used all grades of gas, changed plugs ( which r black as coal) , if u take airc

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