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  2. that is cool hope you figure out your oil leak mike
  3. Well I can finally say I got the timberwolf running grate thanks gears for all your help how have you been
  4. How do I hold the tensioner in place ?and thank you for the help
  5. Dose this look right for the timing mike all but the tensioner being in place
  6. No I did not take flywheel off and thanks for info
  7. Thanks I fide them with all your help but now my intake valve is bent do to me not having it in time I Larned a big time lesson on this
  8. bump I still can not get my timberwolf timed can some one plz explain to me how to do it better then the manual dose thank you
  9. I have that but it is not realy helping me with the timeing I can not fide the timing mark for the bottom half of the motor and dum a$$ me I for got to mark it on the bottom
  10. Have a 96 timberwolf 250 4x4 i need help with timeing I did a complete top end gasket set and now I need to time it anyone's help would be great thx bobby
  11. Hello can anyone help me and tell me how hard it would be to put a complete upper gasket set in a 96 timberwolf 250 4x4 any help would be great thanks Bobby. Im watting for my repair manual to come in but I would like to ride
  12. BOBBY32


    Hello I would like tell you my name is bobbyjoe from quaker street new york I have a 1996 yamaha timberwolf 250 4x4

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