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  2. I apologize, The year on the bike is 1999. I was thinking of the year on my other bike.
  3. I have an 07' TRX-90. The throttle was sticking in the wide open position. Changed throttle cable, still kept sticking. Changed the carb completely, throttle still sticking. After troubleshooting many different things I noticed that as long as I had the carb unattached to the intake manifold the throttle works fine. When I mount the carb to the manifold, and do not tighten the bolts, the throttle works fine. As soon as i put any torque whatsoever on the bolts attaching the carb to the manifold the throttle begins sticking wide open. I have attempted to put gasket material between the manifold and carb to allow for less torque. It shows slight improvement, but still sticks enough to prevent me from allowing my child to ride. Has anyone ever experienced this problem before? The only thing I can think to do now is change the intake manifold. Otherwise I have nothing. Any input would be greatly appreciated.
  4. Hello, I have a 94 Trx300FW. The bike runs great as long as the light switch is turned on. If I turn the lights off the bike idols fine, but will backfire and spit and sputter under a load. Also, the lights have to be turned off to start the bike. I changed the ignition switch in attempt to fix the problem, did not work. The only parts I have ever changed on the bike are the ignition switch and the CDI box. I purchased the bike second hand and it ran great when I bought it. It only recently started the problem I am having.
  5. I bypassed the kill switch to verify that it was not the problem. Neutral light comes on, I did every test the service manual tells me to perform. The only test that fails is the test on the AC sensor line. I'm not even sure what the AC sensor is. I just conducted the continuity test as per the service manual. Could the CDI box just go out completely while riding the bike?
  6. I was riding a couple of days ago and the bike just quit running. Was running great before. it is not getting fire. I changed the plug and still no fire. I used the service manual to trouble shoot the ignition system. Every test passed accept the continuity test on the Y/W and G wires that go to the CDI. It says that it should not have continuity and it does. However I do not see anything in the manual about what should be changed when this test is done and failed. Any suggestions?

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