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  2. Quad wouldn't shift, so I took engine case off to look in the gearbox, when I took it off a piece fell off, fixed the problem, but now I cant figure out where that piece goes anyone else had this problem? would a pic help? Found a spot but im not sure its where it goes don't want to put it in the wrong spot and cause chaous in my gearbox lol
  3. Bought a kazuma 110 yesterday with carb issues, needs new front sprocket, and a ignition switch which is no big deal. Got the quad near dark, got from a friend so didn't think it would be a problem. Long story short their is a lot of things wrong he didn't tell me about including the rear wheels are locked up and wil not move, read on other forums that the rear diff was more than likely screwed up. Was wondering if anyone knew where I could get a rear diff rebuild kit for a kazuma because I cant find one online, Does it have to be a kazuma rebuild kit? how much do you think a mechanic would charge to rebuild? Any other suggestions would be appreciated greatly!

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