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  2. that is what i was leaning towards and was hoping was not the case. thanks. sending it to a friend within the next couple weeks
  3. no. it is very intermittent. sometimes i can count the sparks, sometimes i cant. never blue, only white or orange. pretty much every used spark plug on the property has been put there and car ones are the closest to proper spark. snowmobile nor quad plugs rapid fire. the quad plug is black and the bike has never actually run on it. just does what it does in the video.
  4. I bought this bike a few months ago running fine. Rode it once and things have been downhill from there. It started to cough while riding, then backfiring and stalling, eventually leading to not starting at all. The bike was sent to the shop for a carb service, rode it for 10 minutes, and now it is worse than ever. Bought a brand new carb for it, still will not start or run. The spark is intermittent. This video shows the best it has "run" in months: [ame] [/ame]. At my wits end here, and months behind on bush work which is what the quad was bought for. PLEASE HELP!

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