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  2. Im on the far left of the picture
  3. And I made it without any help Yall should see the after picture
  4. This is the Red River Quad Club at the Red River north of Bonham Texas
  5. I dont remember if I was holding the quad up or if the quad was holding me up.
  6. I did paint the front bumper black along with the rear axle and differental. I was thinking about painting the rack black but as much as I use it I dont think the paint would last long. Maybe I should rhino coat it. After I get new black plastic the the whole thing will be done in black. I agree a pipe is one of the next things to get. Do they come in black?
  7. I went with the 25 Mudlite XL 1 1/8 lug with Black Rattlesnake wheels $550 shipped. I will post pics when I get then installed. I got them from HOME - Crossroads Yamaha Suzuki - Albemarle, North Carolina Ask for Jason. He is a great guy. Made me a happy customer
  8. I did just post some on my profile from riding in the snow two weeks ago and at badd rabbit last weekend
  9. I'm getting my tires and wheels from a yamaha dealer in NC for 550 shipped . I went with the itp type 5 to keep the weight down a bit
  10. Ok thats what I wasnt sure of it yamaha tuned it different for the 23 inch tires Looks like i'll go with the 25's for now and then the clutch
  11. I dont understand why i would need a clutch kit with the 25's since the kodiaks came with 25's stock unless they put a lighter clutch in the Wolfy yes the 25 XL has the same lug as the 26 XL 1 1/8 The 25 AT has the 3/4 lug
  12. 23 inch but its a kodiak motor on a big bear or bruin frame and they came with 25 stock I believe
  13. I'm buying some mudlites tomorrow I can get 25 XL for 550 with type 5 rims shipped or should I go ahead and get the 26 XL for 50 bucks more. I been comparing weights and the 26 XL dont seem to be that much heavier than the 25 XL These are the weights I found from two different websites. These are going on a 06 Yamaha Wolverine 450 4X4 25x8-12 XL F/R 24 25x10-12 XL F/R 29 25x12-12 XL F/R 26 ---------------------- 26x9-12 XL F 22 26x10-12 XL F/R 23 26x12-12 XL R 27 ============ XL 25x8-12 19.5 XL 25x10-12 22.5 ----------------------- XL 26x9-12 23.2 XL 26x10-12 22.9 XL 26x12-12 25.9

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