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  2. Hey, thanks very much for the info 'oxidized_black'. I have a overly rich idle mixture which I can't lean out. I'm a retired auto/motorcycle mechanic but have never seen a idle mixture screw without a fine tapered end on it. The one I have here has a short taper with a flat ending.That doesn't seem correct to me. I been looking for info on the carb or a view of the mixture screw but no luck so far. Carb model is PZ19 ser # EK04E9 I'll keep searching and post any results. Thanks again Cooter441
  3. I have a problem with a PZ19 carb (Kazuma 110). I have disassembled and cleaned it and still have a very rich running engine (black plug). I can't find any info for this carb such as jet sizes, float height and needle position. The main jet now is #71 and float is level with bowl edge. Any info would be helpful Thanks for any help. Cooter

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