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  2. If you've ever had a problem with Kawasaki, I'll bet it can't match this: Ranger Diesel Nightmare - RangerForums.net - Polaris Ranger Forum I have a Brute Force 650 that has run flawlessly for the six years I've owned it. Meanwhile my $12,000 Polaris sits at the shop inoperable... One of the reasons I bought Polaris is because they were an American company. Joke's on me... Kawasaki opens factories in United States, while Polaris moves their factories to Mexico. Buy a Polaris after reading that thread, and you probably deserve to lose your money.
  3. If you have been affected by clutch/shifting problems with the 2011-2014 Polaris Ranger Diesels, or any other Polaris UTV's or ATV's, please see the following thread: Ranger Diesel Nightmare - RangerForums.net - Polaris Ranger Forum You are far from alone. There are hundreds if not thousands of other people who are affected by this same issue. The only half-proven solution is to buy an aftermarket clutch for $1500 from a separate company, which is conveniently founded by an ex-Polaris engineer. In addition, the sticking clutch eventually leads to catastrophic transmission damage. I paid $12,000 for a Diesel Ranger in 2011, and it has been difficult if not impossible to shift for the majority of its life due to a factory-defective clutch. The sticking clutch wears out the transmission, and eventually you will be faced with a $2500 bill to have it replaced. If you or anyone you know has been affected by this clutch, please visit the thread linked above and make your voice heard.

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