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  2. Does anyone in Australia have a cdi they want to sell to fit my 1989 suzuki 250 quadrunner?
  3. I just worked out the problem I got the bike running and every time I tap on the cdi it stalls. Thanks for the help.
  4. checked over all the wiring tonight and it all seems fine charging system is working fine when it wants to run. tested the power out of the ignition switch and it is 11.3v when engine is cranking wobbled all the wiring around to see if that made a differents and it didnt then after 10 min of tapping on all of the electric parts it decides to spark on every cycle of the engine. any ideas on what electrical component could cause this.
  5. Hi there, My 1989 suzuki ltf-250 quadrunner is having spark problems it seems to only fire 1 bright spark when you first hit the starter button then loose spark most of the time. Other times it will spark nice and bright and run good. I have a new battery in it and it shows 11.5v while cranking and also has a new coil. any ideas on what could be causing this problem. ]

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