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  2. Battery is up and the only wires going to starter are the ground and one that has 2 nuts . There are no power going to the one with the nuts . Checked it with switch on and button pressed. Also have pressed button and changed gears and back to neutral also tried moving the reverse and no luck. It got dark and cant see if there any more wires go to the starter the only ones i could find are on the right side with ground on lower side and the one with the nuts on top right . It is also set in the run position .
  3. i am having stating issues. my electric start has stopped working. the green neutral light comes on and the red reverse light comes on. i can pull start just fine. i would also like to find a service manual for this atv. there are alot of them out there but i don't want to pay those high prices for it. any help would be greatly appreciated thank you Lee Cooper

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