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  2. The thermostat is good I'm going to have the head machined
  3. I'm not getting any light, I'll check my thermostat tonight. Thanks for your help bud! I think I'll have the water pump looked at if the thermostat isn't bad.
  4. There's no clog in my cooling system, my gaskets are metal and rubber. I'm thinking it could be my water pump.
  5. I had to replace the cylinder due to a hairline crack. After I replaced it, I ran the quad for a while and it blew the first head gasket. Could it be a cooling problem? I made sure to torque everything to proper specs.
  6. I recently replaced all top end gaskets and seals on my 2005 Arctic Cat 500 (FIS Manual) and after about a month of smooth riding, I took it out for some heavier riding. It ran fine for a good four or five hours straight yesterday and I cranked it today and it's blowing antifreeze out of my tailpipe. What could be the cause of these blown gaskets?
  7. Thanks for the information bud, I did an overhaul of the carb but still had the same problem. After all that work, it turned out my air filter was to blame. I cleaned it and now the quad is running like a champ. The lack of air was causing the engine to run rich.
  8. I have questions concerning my 2005 Arctic Cat 500 (manual transmission) I'm new to quad repair but a quick learner. I recently replaced all top end gaskets and seals (all thanks to a blown head gasket) now after changing the oiI a few times noticed gas in my crankcase. How do I go about fixing this?

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