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  1. Stock tires were 25-8-12 front and 25-10-12 rear. I got the new tires on and they are just great. A huge improvement from the stockers, but what aint. The new tires and wheels look great and ride great and sling the mud everywhere. The rear is much wider now also.
  2. Hey guys I just bought some Mudgear tires fo my KQ 450 I got 26-10-12 fronts and 26-12-12 rears. They look HUGE compared to my stockers. Anyone have any experience with these on a KQ450. It just looks like its not going to fit but I dunno. ANy help is great.
  3. Very cool Desert, really appreciate the pics :smile:
  4. Thanks for the welcome guys. @ quadcrazy - So far the KQ is treating me well. I only have about 12hrs on her so far. Seems like a very solid bike. Everyone gave great reviews on it and a cpl of my friends have the same bike so that is what convinced me to get one for myself.
  5. Those are some nice little lights, I would love to see a pic in the dark with just them on to see how bright they are. :smile: I was thinking of adding an HiD set to mine but didnt know how they would hold up in the rough. Anyone have any input on that?
  6. Hey guys I was browsing the site and it seemed a place I might fit in and hang out. Seems like a lot of cool peeps here. Figured I would introduce myself. So saying hello from Ft. Myers, FL. 98 Yami Warrior & 07 Zuuk King Quad 450 riding dirty.

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