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  2. Ok I recently put a 220kdx motor in a 150 falcon. The suspension can't keep up with the motor so I need arms, shocks, and four lug spindles & hubs. Does anyone know of a aftermarket suspension for this quad or even a set of arms that will work off another manufacturers quad such as Honda, Kawasaki, Yamaha, or Suzuki? Please anybody who has any information would be a huge amount of help. Thanks in advance!
  3. I recently put a kdx220 motor in my 150falcon. Now I am trying to upgrade my suspension. On e you get the stock motor out there is plenty of room to put any kind of motor you can dream up in there.
  4. Is there no one that can help me find Japanese parts that will fit this thing or am I breaking some brand loyalty code? I don't care about brand I care about what works. I really need 4 lug hubs. Isn't the 250 falcon a 4 lug? Can I use them on the 150 axle?
  5. Ok I recently put a extra 220 kfx motor I had laying around into my sons 150 falcon. After a little tinkering the thing is a absolute beast and a blast to ride. Now to list why I started this thread. I want 4lug wheels and aftermarket suspension and a few other things like that. I'm assuming that since I ain't found the first aftermarket part for this thing that there is no aftermarket support for them if I'm wrong please correct me. Usually when you run into this issue other riders have tried switching parts off other quads and have a pretty good idea what parts can be interchanged so if yall have a list like that could i possibly have access to it? Really what I want is wider so if there is a Japanese preferably front end and axle that I could get so I can get this thing out to around 50" wide I would be a happy man. Any information you provide will be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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