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  2. I think I have heard way too many stories. One of our good friends is a pro quad racer (actually holds the title for fastest quad) and the simple accidents that kill people are never ending. It worries me and that worry will never go away.
  3. Thank you all for your help. I am stuck because I cannot control what he does at his dads house and he refuses to let me in on any of it. He won't give him the atv course (that is free) because I suggested it, and says he doesn't need a chest protector. My son doesn't take responsibility for his own actions and those are the most dangerous people on ATVs. Any suggestions on what avenues I can take would be greatly appreciated. I refuse to see my son hurt over his dad's hard head or foolishness.
  4. Thank you for all of the information. Like I've said. I had no idea his father did this. He's never ever been on a bike like this before. He's never driven on one. I wish he would've talked to me because I know NOTHING. He claims to not even know the make and model of the thing. He claims all he knows is its red and 125cc...that is it. He's holding back and not sure why. As long as he takes the people training courses, proper safety equipment and all that good stuff...I'll be ok. I just wish I knew!! That is why I and being a panicked mother right now.
  5. I had absolutely NO say in this. His father did this for christmas without advising me and I am NOT happy. I would NEVER EVER.
  6. Hello! I am new here and I need some help from the experts. My 9 year old son was given an adult sized 4 wheeler for Christmas. He has never ride one and has never taken a training course. Of course, I just found out about this but was never consulted about him getting this, either. Anyways, he was able to ride it this morning and has never had any safety training and honestly, I am petrified he is going to get hurt. It will happen, it's just when. I am in the state of Indiana and the law states you must be 14 years old to operate unless there is direct supervision of an 18 year old or other. What exactly does "direct supervision " mean? Is rhis within site of the person riding or is it someone that is ON the ATV? Also if there are ANY SUGGESTIONS you guys can give me regarding this it would be helpful. My son is only 9 and a very immature 9 year old at that. I feel he has no business being on this without proper training but apparently that isn't as important to some people. Also, if there is anyone in the state of Indiana on here that can tell me the rules that would be awesome. *in addition* the 4 wheeler is for an adult. My son is only 4 foot 9 and 65 pounda. He's tiny. I am afraid he is certainly nowhere close to having the weight to control this machine.

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