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  2. Im not sure what to adjust i researched some more and thats what im thinking
  3. im having this issue on a customers atv too. i need some help. its a 2000s prairie 300 and the carb was bad so i replaced with a bayou 300 carb. it runs but idles fast and when adjusted as far as possible it wont shift and it hunts and pops. it still idles too fast.please help.
  4. okay i finally got the atv running but if hit another issue. it ildes high and when at the lowest adjustment the throttle cable isnt long enough to lower idle and it hunts and back fires when gas is given. it is idling to fast to put into gear. please help.
  5. Hello everyone im in need of some serious help. I have a customers Kawasaki Prairie 300 its from around 2000 and he let it sit up for 5 to 6 years. well the carb is shot ive done everything and its too bad off but i have looked every where i cant find a replacement carb that dont cost $300-500. Is there any other carbs that would fit this model? is the there somewhere I can order a new carb body? The two hols on the carb are 32mm and 46mm. its a kei hin cvk with this number stamped on it G437 BNDB.

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