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  1. alanminz


  2. looking for a service manual for a 2004 Outlander 400 hd. Thanks
  3. fuses up front by the brake fluid res.
  4. Looking for timing info for a 2004 Outlander 400. Replaced chain and guides. looking for the diagrams but could not seem to find any yet.
  5. After removing the valve cover, found the timing chain off and a broken guide. Will replace the broken items and repost results
  6. Had a 2003-2004 400 outlander given to me. Bike sat for 3 years. Drained tank and filled with fresh gas. Cleaned fuel lines and carb. eng comp 127. checked for spark with plug out and is nice and blue. Cranks but does not start. Fuses ok but inst cluster displays "fail" any ideas:aargh:

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