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  1. I have a 1996 Big Bear 350 and have replaced the seat cover with the one you refer to from ebay and haven't had a bit of trouble with it wearing or fitting. If I have to replace it down the road this is the route I will go.
  2. Well I think we've found the problem. I took the battery in this morning and had it load tested and found out there was in fact 1 dead cell and the rest were low. Only tested 9 V instead of twelve so got a new battery and came home and put it on the trickle charger for a while. But then I hooked the starter cable back up to the solenoid and pos. cable to the battery end of the solenoid cable hit the starter button and it fired off right away using a spare shop battery. Come to find out it was the battery all along but I didn't suspect it as much as I had just gotten it this last summer. Anyway thank for all the help and ideas as a person learns what else to look for when something goes wrong.
  3. I went and hooked the jumper cable to the starter post and it started right off then I took the long starter cable loose from the solenoid and hooked the jumper from the starter post to the solenoid end of the cable and it started so then I took the battery out and checked the cells and found one cell completely dead with the others about half charged and this is after I had charged the battery the end of this week.I don't know if you can check a small battery with a load test but that is my next move. Advise if I'm on track. Thanks Oh yes and I should say I got the battery just last summer but that doesn't mean it can't still go bad.
  4. OK to continue, I jumped the solenoid lugs with a screwdriver and nothing at all and if I try to start it with the starter switch all solenoid will do is buzz. So then I took the starter off the machine and hooked up the jumper cables to a battery and to the starter and the starter will spin like mad so replaced the starter in the machine and tried it again but no luck. Would this mean that the solenoid is probably bad?
  5. When you mentioned jumping the lugs I used a jumper wire between the two lugs but I did not use a pliers or a screwdriver between the lugs which might have something to do with it not trying to start. But to answer your question No the starter or the solenoid didn't make a sound, but the clips on the jumper wire began to get warm when I would push on the starter button. If a person takes the starter out can you test it with a pair of jumper cables and a battery with one clamp on the frame of the starter for a ground and the other clamp on the batt. post?
  6. I used a jumper wire between the two posts on the solenoid but then I couldn't even get a buzzing sound.
  7. I have a 96 Big Bear 350 2 x 4 and I noticed last fall that when I went to start it that the starter would not engage when I pushed the starter button. This spring I charged the battery to make sure that it wasn't the problem but still wouldn't start. I get a buzzing sound from the solenoid when I push the starter button but no sound from the starter at all. I took the batt. cables loose and cleaned them on the starter and both solenoid posts still nothing. I can start it by pulling the starter rope with the 1st or 2nd pull no problem. About 10 years ago or so I had the starter armature turned down as the shop said it was getting worn some maybe it is getting to that point again. Anyone have any ideas feel free to jump in.
  8. Well it's been several day and I finally had a chance to get the original carb back on after I cleaned it. It starts right up better than before but now I get what sounds like a misfire on one cylinder and I know there's only one cylinder to start with so does or has anyone ever had this problem and is there a way to take care of the problem? By the way I did take the plug out and clean it and also when I had the other carburetor on it wouldn't miss just buck, cough, and spit when I tried to add power.
  9. Also there is a brass slotted head screw I believe on the bottom of the carb., try turning it all the way in (keep track of how many turns) and then back it out 2 3/8-2 1/2 turns out for starters.
  10. There should be a thumb screw on the carb to adjust your idle, might try that and see if it helps.
  11. I'm in the process of cleaning my original carb right now as like I've said before I have had two Zoom Zoom carburetor's and nether one would work. They seem to stall out when you try to give it gas, pops, bangs, stutters, etc. and then if you keep feathering it, it might finally take off. I'm not a fan of Zoom Zoom to say the least. I didn't have any problem with the Co. in replacing the carburetor it's just that they don't work the way they should.
  12. Thanks for the reply. One other question that I forgot was do you know if the jets, etc. from the Mikiuni will fit in the Zoom Zoom carb. or do they have their own specks.?
  13. I have a 96 Yamaha Big Bear 2x4 with a 350 engine and have replaced the original carburetor with a Zoom Zoom version twice to no avail. I am thinking about rebuilding my original carb. and was wondering if the same mikiuni jets that you would use for a snowmobile will work in the ATV or are they different? Thanks
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