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  2. Ok thank you. I think the carb needs cleaned on it, when you give more than maybe 1/2 throttle it bogs down and wont idle with choke off, after a few seconds it dies
  3. Engine family 7SHNX.300AMS 230cc need rear brake caliper bolt, left side handle bar switches cause the electric start button is missing, they wired in a push button to start it
  4. Im thinking about buying a warrior today, guy sent vin number for bank and I think somethings wrong, he said its a 95 but ws originally advertised as a 98, the vin is JY43GDA065A130066
  5. Im looking for parts and repair guide for a 2007 All Road 250cc I cant find anything on it except a picture of the bike
  6. I bought a 2007 allroad 250cc atv, it needs a couple things but im unable to find anything about it. Has anyone had one of these models.
  7. He already has rear end off the bike, said he hasnt opened it up yet, on his facebook profile page he has alot of pics of him riding, some in races on a different bike, so makes me think he knows about them
  8. Im loking at buying this atv, owner said when he put in gear and drove it that it made a grinding noise so they parked it, said he has the rear end off but hasnt taken it apart yet, sounds like bearings any other ideas? Very nice shape can get for 600

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