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  1. I just bought my Raptor it will be here next week. awesome ebay store here they have low prices and low shipping it cost me 275 to ship from OH to NC thats basically gas money. eBay Motors: New 2008 Yamaha 700 Raptor Sport ATV Sp. Ed Rev. (item 220191712378 end time Jan-14-08 15:03:02 PST)
  2. no i'm no racer i just want to go on all terrain like the hairscramble guys be running on weather it be 12 inches of wanter/mud or pavement and sand i want a all around a$$kicker
  3. don't think it's rider because several videos show 450's beating the 7 thats what keep pushing me to the 450's
  4. well from all the vids i've seen it comes down 2 the rider..the 700 doesn't seem faster at all
  5. ok i finally went out and sat on all the quads and got a feel and now its between the kfx 450r and the raptor 700
  6. well i've heard that that the kfx has the highest stock HP but lags on top speed but as nice take off speed.i've you tubed several videos of it going and my riding will be pretty much wooded trails. it will be either the kfx or the ltr
  7. Well i'm 5.7 and 170lbs i just need to know if the kfx450r will hang with the others that i have listed like the other 450's and the 700 raptor. i like the kfx b/c it has the reverse and it seems to more of a do it all
  8. i am going out Saturday to actually sit on a few of these machines but i think i will sacrifice the top end speed for the reverse of the KAW
  9. how about the kawasaki 450 will it be a contender with the other 450s i like the fact that it has a reverse
  10. i won't be pro racing but i will be riding like it's stolen probably 85% of the time so what type of quad is recomended
  11. what about the big dog the raptor 700
  12. I'm new to ATV's i have a motorcycle background (trying to sell my 2007 GSXR 750 now) to get me a Quad i may have it narrowed down to 3 quads in this order Yamaha YZF 450 Suzuki quadracer 450 Yamaha Raptor 700 out of the 450's which is the best and will they keep up with the 700 i see on you tube most 700's if they win it isn't by much so i'm kinda like why buy a 700 when the 450 has faster acceleration and close top end:skeptic: i don't know the +'s or -'s on these quads i have heard that the suzuki is wider than the others but by how much and will it matter to someone not doing any sanctioned events i will mostly be out joy riding in open areas and open trails. I might go through some tire height mud.
  13. whats up guys/gals and those undecided. i'm 25 a medically retired Marine. now working/living in Raleigh NC i currently ride a 2007 GSXR 750 that i'm trying to sell and get a QUAD. Today was my first time riding one and it was my neighbors utility honda it's a 300 something. I have it narrowed down to 3 quads now 1 Raptor 700 2 YZF 450 3 Quadracer 450 I will be doing mostly joy riding. open dirt areas, open wooded trails and a few drag races back yard style nothing sanctioned. i really like the 450's but will i get smoked by the 700 raptor? If i had to choose tonight i would go with the quadracer 450 is it a good machine i've heard that if i want to do a little trail riding with it i will need bigger tires is that true

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