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  1. Hi, i had a 400 kodiak that had a bad ignition. I ended up tearing harness apart and went through schematic, tracing wires back to short to ground from ignition switch. The switch itself seemed to work as the light came on and off with it, but when the ignition was on, it was back-feeding preventing it from getting spark.
  2. Hi, Have a 2005 grizzly 660. Just recently started backfiring and showing incorrect speed. Lifted seat and messed with wire going to starter relay, it stops for a bit but seems to come back. I ended up pulling all the pins out of the connector for the relay and added new pin/connectors for all 4 wires. fixed it for a little bit but came back shortly after. This was a new starter relay i installed a few months ago. Anyone know if a bad starter relay would do this?
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