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  1. what years where they made in black?
  2. Does anyone know if there are any places to rent atvs in ny or arround NY Thanks everyone!
  3. Im was wondering if there are any places to rent fourwheelers in or around NY? Thanks everyone!
  4. I am planning on buying a four wheeler within 2 months. I have only ridden a few times in the last three years. Im looking for something that isn't going to need a lot of up keep. Deciding between 300ex, 400ex, wolverine 350 manual or maybe a warrior? I even kinda like the idea of a 250 ex i know it wont have a ton of power but its not chain driven so up keep will be lower and its kinda sporty looking. what are some of your thoughts? any other atvs you can reccomend? I used to ride a lot when i was younger Thanks

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