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  1. hey thanks for your input, i decided to ignore my dealers recommendation and pull the water pump apart the impeller was sheared off, no coolant flowing, so i ordered the parts today, one question i have is the water pump and oil pump are chain driven, but that chain seems super loose with no tensioner my dealer didn't even have a good view of this or any specs on chain tension, i dn't know if this had any thing to do with that or what? or if i should just replace it or what, thanks again.
  2. well noone has any input, i thought this was the mechanics corner.
  3. hey guys great site! happy to be a member, yamaha grizzly, wr 450 street legal, 86 moto4 pw 50 ttr 125 ttr 90! go blue!
  4. hey guys i love the site! i need some help please i just purchased a 2003 grizzly installed a plow and winch, and while plowing ;last night my temp light kept coming on, the coolant is full and the fan is working i was wondering if anyones encountered this with these machines, i already ordered the updated side panels for more ventilation, i sthere a temp switch thats not putting the fan on at the right time? shoul i wire it direct? could the water pump be bad? any assistance would be greatly appreciated thank you. Dan

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