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  1. hi there again just went to an ATV shop and bought a new sparlplugg and got some info mine did look like the one "dry and wet fouling" but no luck on the starting with a new sparkplugg , the mechanic from the shop thought it could be the electric choke on the carburator just to replace this would be $140,- and there hourly fee is $80,- so i,m not quit shure to bring it to a dealer ....yet because if it,s not the electric choke they probably to will spend hours locating the problem and my pockets are emty thanks for the help guys scott
  2. well my sparkpluff looks normal i,ll get a new one (now 3 months) just to be sure and i,ll let you know greets
  3. true , but the guy who sold me the qaud was allso the owner and the tour guide and he said nothing to bad ever happend to them just plastic dammage and ruined piston rings in 1500miles i don,t know what to believe annymore i just know the quad still won,t cold start and oil keeps comming in the box... thanks guys
  4. hi there i almost already did what you asked i hav evenbeen driving for 1 hour instead of 2 min and after 1 hour of dricing there was a drop of oil again in the airfilterbox and i bought the quad second hand so it could be that the quad was on his back and the owner never told me because it was an ex-rental quad i,ll take a picture today and post it here so you can see anny idea about the bad starting is maybe connected to this oil problem? grets scott
  5. Thanks for the reply yeah your wright the oil comes in thrue the tube i can see that inside the airfilterbox i don,t have blue smoke either and the crankcase was empty while the airfilterbox was filled with oil and i did find out that my quad uses a dry airfilter do bad piston rings allso cause a bad cold start?? thanks for the help oakleyz
  6. hi there nope still no one that can help and the quad is now also having bas starting problems only in the first start of day that is strange can you help? thanks in advance
  7. hi there i checked the oil level 2 days ago for the first time it was empty so i filled it up to the wright amount shown on the dipstick after this i looked in the airfilter ,and there was all my oil thanks oakleyz
  8. hi there folks i hope someone can give me some advice on the problem i,m having with my recently bought atv , it,s a 260cc Linhai 4stroke engine from 2005 with 2300 Miles on it and the problem is that i keep finding oil in my airfilterbox ,allot and it,s not airfilter oil as i need a dry airfilter it looks like it gets blown in thrue a tube that is connected from the engine does annyone know something about this ?? and is it normal that air is blowing out the oilfilling opening with allot of pressure?? i noticed when filling the oil and having the engine running stationary sorry for the misspells as i live in the Netherlands and thanks in advance oakleyz

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