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  1. Since the 2017 Polaris Sportsman HL does not come with power steering, I was looking this kit: https://www.superatv.com/polaris-sportsman-power-steering-kit Has anyone installed this on their bike? If so, what are your thoughts on performance and difficulty of installation? Thanks!
  2. What is the best method to keep water out of the CVT casing? When I first got it, I do not recall the belt slipping that much, but after a few hundred hours it seems to be happening more and more.Are there snorkel kits made for this?Thanks!
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  4. I am having an issue where it sounds like the gears are slipping if I hit the throttle really hard and also after letting off when the engine brake is applied. Also, the drive train that goes to the front also rides again the gear shift box. I will attach pictures and a video here shortly. Thanks in advance! [ame] [/ame]https://postimg.org/image/cdlu6fza9/

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