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2015 Sportsman 850 CVT question

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What is the best method to keep water out of the CVT casing? When I first got it, I do not recall the belt slipping that much, but after a few hundred hours it seems to be happening more and more.

Are there snorkel kits made for this?


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Water  in the case will  make the belt slip,  but   if you  have a few hundred hours on the  belt  I would say the slippage  is more due to  belt wear..   As the  clutches  drive on the sides of the  belt,  they wear it  narrower and  glaze it .

 The  narrowing  and glazing  reduces  the  grip  the    clutches  have  on the belt.  Not  only does  that  increase  slippage , but it reduces both  the  top  speed  and low speed pulling  power.

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