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  2. I have ordered a rebuild kit will wait till I get before I open it up. Only setting I have mess with is the idle screw. I have been thinking about the choke, will try that tonight. I did pull the air filter off and I am still getting black exhaust and I put in a new spark plug. Thanks ALL will let you know what I find.
  3. Yes it is the older style. There are 2 studs screwed into the caliper with nuts outside the cover. Nuts turn and studs don't. Brakes are working now but if I have to go back into them I will but another nut on each stud to get the studs to turn out so I can get the caliper out. Thanks.
  4. I just found one problem, I took a look at my spark plug, it was fouled with black carbon deposits. looked at my manual, it did not have much to say about any adjustments
  5. That Was my next step. will order my kit tonight, Thanks
  6. I have a 86 Yamaha Moto 4 YFM228 that bogs down under load, seems to improve as I go to a higher gear. Does not die but just no power. new plug new coil new pistons and rings, was doing this before a replaced them. Any ideas
  7. Hi, just picked up a MOTO 4 YFM255 and want to replace the rear brake pads. How do I get to the back. Guessing I need to remove the brake disk, question any easy way to do this? Thanks

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