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  1. Nice guys. Thanks for your reply. I will try this . Hope to be good at it ! hhahaha
  2. I found mine (YFM225 88) on tradebit for 9$ US ....mayby a good solution if you need it quick
  3. Hi all, my second post here I got an old Yamaha 88 moto 4 and I have a problem with my overflow hose from the carb. When I put the gas switch to ON a big amount of gas is leaking from the overflow...so I start using my quad with the gas switch to RESERVE wich is also leaking but less than in ON position. I dont ride a lot..but in a week I empty my gas tank. Strange. I never clean my carb because Im new to quad world and dont have the service manual...so I need you point of view. Thanks guys!
  4. Hi all, I try to find this manual in the threads but you have a lot of stock here Cannot find this particular manual. I found it for YFM200 but not sure if they are the same. Thanks if you could help me with that. Im new here so if I did something wrong, please tell me.

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