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  1. New Zostard video!! River fail with Raptor350 and Grizzly700. Madness on the river. Hehehe. Best regards
  2. ¡¡Zostard News!! Very good, how much time. New video with the Grizzly 700, and a friend with Raptor350. I hope you like it! Forgive my English, I'm Spanish. The channel is not just quads. If you like to run by mountain, I have a video uploading an extinct volcano. In Spain, Lanzarote. Leave link, in case you want to see it. I take this opportunity to recommend an old video. With friends on quads! Best regards, in two weeks new video. If you like them, do not forget to subscribe. Hehehe.
  3. Yuriks


  4. quadnut20 Hello! I assume you mean use the stick circulating. The truth is that I do not know. But it is very difficult for the police you see the countryside. My friend enjoys! Ajmboy. It's fun, so enjoy the quads. Always the limit! I love to stain mud. Best regards
  5. Forgive my English, I'm from Spain. I share with you my videos with these magnificent creatures. I have a Grizzly 700 and 350. At first to the videos to share with friends. But I decided to open a YouTube channel! Do not you have curious how we ride in Spain? Hahaha. I hope you like the video and enjoy it. I share my last three videos, but we have more on the channel. Best regards of a Spanish rider. Full throttle - Grizzly 700 Adrenaline on Grizzly 700 - Grizzly 660 Quad Riders | Brutal day - Grizzly 700 - Grizzly 660
  6. Very good to all. Forgive my English, I'm from Spain. Some time ago I'm in this incleible scene. Passionate about these machines. I have a Grizzly 700 and Raptor 350. I look forward to sharing with you my videos in the appropriate section. I hope you like it! Best regards.

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