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  2. I cleaned the relay it had a bunch of dirt in it and was rusty. I can hear the audible click when I mess with the shifter and when I hold the brake. Seems to be operating properly. I will try to tap it and see if that makes a difference. Thanks
  3. Funny the light came on and stayed on after cleaning the connectors on the switch and the switch relay. Then I rode it a bit and the light wouldn't stay on. I think it may be the plunger that was mentioned before but, I don't want to tear it apart again. I can live with pulling the brake to start it, for now.
  4. In the manual I have I found how to test the neutral switch and the neutral switch relay. I will test and report back the results.
  5. Here is what it looks like. It mounts behind the secondary clutch. It's really a pain in the a** to get to, especially now that I have changed the oil and will have to drain it again and pull the primary and secondary clutch off to get to the switch.
  6. Thanks. No hurry. I thought the same about my first marriage too. LOL
  7. I checked that one not right one. It has different neutral switch. But thanks though.
  8. Ok. I appreciate it I have a Clymer manual but, it is VERY vague on the 1999 model. I am trying to locate a service manual for it, I will keep looking. I could get one from Yamaha but don't feel like giving them $75. Omce again, thanks for the help.
  9. Ok. The switch ground? I will check the power to the switch. If there is, any suggestion where to go from there. I checked the switch I replaced before I installed and it checked out good (I think). I read somewhere else that there is a plunger that could be sticking. Not sure about that. I am kind of new to the ATV repair game so I appreciate your help. Thanks
  10. I have a 1999 Big Bear 350 2 x 4. The issue I am having is the neutral light not coming on when in neutral. I can hold the brake and the bike will start. But to make the light come on I have to hold the shift lever down and if I take pressure off the shift lever the light will go out. I have replaced the neutral switch (the old one was broken). Put it all back together and still have the neutral light issue. Does anyone have any idea on what else would cause this and what could I check? I would appreciate any help with this. Thank you.
  11. Hi. I am looking for a service manual for a 1999 Big Bear 350 4x2. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

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