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  1. Thanks again Buck. but I also replaced the dust cover (which this seal is attached to). As far as I know this is the only way to replace this seal, $85 part like I said I'm really at my wits end here. I'm real interested in the conversion to a disk but I don't want to try it if it's not possible or hasn't been done b4. PA is mainly a lot of big hill riding and I can't go without a back brake for alot of the riding we do. I can't believe no one else has this problem. I see the 07 big bear now has a wet brake. what gives? I guess I'll just remain forever frustrated with this. My next quad will be a kawai. NO DOUBT
  2. Thanks BuckBilly for responding. I have tried a couple types of silicone, in fact the last time i took the dust cover off I had to use a torch around the thing to melt the silicone so the cover would come off. I can't keep the water out.:bangheadc:
  3. Hi I am new to the site. I am desperately looking for some help with the rear drum brake on my 03 big bear. Basically I have no rear brakes and I can not get them back. My first problem is I cannot keep the water and mud out of the drum. This thing is JUNK. I have had it apart three times in the last year and I am at my wits end. I have just about replaced everything in and around this drum to no avail. I have brakes as long as everything is dry but the first sign of water or mud and thats it for the brakes. I am so frustrated its not even funny. I have even tried leaving the cover off the drum to just let the water in and out at it's own free will. Does'nt work. My buddy has a Wolverine that looks like it has the same axle on the back and his has a rear disk. I would love to convert this. Has anybody done this or know if this is possible? I'm all but begging for some help from someone. This problem has ruined a perfectly good machine. I bought it new in 03 and a new atv is not in the cards right now. If nothing else thanks for letting me vent a little, and you all have a great site here.

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