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  2. Hello, My son got a free ATV from a buddy at work for his son, my grandson. We got it running yesterday but would like a user/repair manual to go over it good. Here is the info I have on the machine: Zhejiang Chisheng Industry and Trading Co., LTD Imported by Seaseng, TNC 110cc Lonsin Engine Family – 6SSGX.125ACH 3spd and reverse transmission VIN # search - L6UB4EA2X7A007317 - year 2007 I realize this is an old thread, but.... Please see attached pictures. Thank you for your help, Slimbob
  3. Thanks for the reply Dave. It's really hard to see that crack without blowing it up. Not obvious in person. Good Spot! We really had a time getting this thing to run right. It sat for about 10 years before we got it. . It's all original. But it was really running lean. I had to choke it almost fully to get it to run at all with 3 different carbs. Finally we put a new CDI Box on yesterday just because I had bought it a while ago. Who would have thought that the CDI could lean out a carburated system? Anyway seems to be running pretty good now. Will repair that weld and adjust the chain and hand it over to my 7 yr old grandson. Thanks again, Slimbob
  4. Hello, My son had a used Chinese Quad given to him for his son, my grandson. We just got it running but would like to know how to adjust the chain and steering. It turns sharp in one direction but not in the other. Here is the info from that I have from running the VIN and tags on the Quad: Zhejiang Chisheng Industry and Trading Co., LTD Imported by Seaseng, TNC Engine Family – 6SSGX.125ACH 110cc Lonsin 2007 Quad VIN # - L6UB4EA2X7A007317
  5. Thanks Davefrombc, I did not see the cracks, so thanks twice. Safety first. I have a mig welder, so I'll go over (inspect) it tonight. Trying to get it running right now. My son bought a replacement Carb but the throttle won't close all the way when connected to the throttle cable. The replacement carb is a clone of the Walbro pz20 20mm carb from Amazon. I think the cable casing is too long for the Carb. Don't know if I can cut it back or need to replace the cable. It starts , then takes off on high rpm. Once again, any input is appreciated. Thank you, Slimbob
  6. Hello, Just got a Chinese 110cc Quad for free. Trying to identify it. I have attached a couple of pictures. It has a Loncin engine. Is there a VIN decoder for these quads? Any help would be appreciated. This is to be a XMAS present for my grandson. Thank you, Slimbob

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