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Service Manual needed

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My son had a used Chinese Quad given to him for his son, my grandson.

We just got it running but would like to know how to adjust the chain and steering. It turns sharp in one direction but not in the other.

Here is the info from that I have from running the VIN and tags on the Quad:

Zhejiang Chisheng Industry and Trading Co., LTD

Imported by Seaseng, TNC

Engine Family – 6SSGX.125ACH

110cc Lonsin

2007 Quad VIN # - L6UB4EA2X7A007317








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Check that  quad over carefully  for  cracks in the frame..  There  is  one in the  tube right at the weld after the right side of the serial number plate .  Can't do  much in finding a service manual ,  but you  could try  searching through Alibaba  and see if you  can  come up  with a service manual  there .


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Thanks for the reply Dave. It's really hard to see that crack without blowing it up. Not obvious in person. Good Spot!

We really had a time getting this thing to run right. It sat for about 10 years before we got it. . It's all original. But it was really running lean. I had to choke it almost fully to get it to run at all with 3 different carbs.

Finally we put a new CDI Box on yesterday just because I had bought it a while ago. Who would have thought that the CDI could lean out a carburated system? 

Anyway seems to be running pretty good now. Will repair that weld and adjust the chain and hand it over to my 7 yr old grandson.

Thanks again,


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