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  1. exchop


  2. i need diaphragm for my carb not the side anybody no were
  3. like i said diapham no shape flat and just there
  4. ya i was thinking it was the diaphragm no holes but it just there no shape to it I think i need a new one my bike runs great no leaks no smoke
  5. no,when i give it gas an let it go the rpm stay up then i rebuild stays the same
  6. need a carburetor but i am not spending 500.00 for it.can any body tell me what fit it thanks
  7. thanks a lot I ask the dealership about will it run with out a battery some do some do not is that true
  8. I have 01 quad I do not think the battery is charging right.I have the one ground that charges the battery off an my meter shows it's putting out14.17 or .19 when I give it gas it go up to 14.20 or .23 my head lights stay the same

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