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  1. nope 4 stroke, its a utility or 4trax model, i wish it was as easy as pushing harder i guess there is some more throttle there but the motor sounds like its revving quite high......i guess im just a bit nervous to push it to far
  2. hey guys got on oldy here 1985 HONDA TRX250 shes got plenty of low end id like to know if anyone has messed around and gotten a little more top end out of one??? also any personal experiances between getting new OEM plastic vs MAER replacement plastic- pros/cons this/that??? thanks rick
  3. hi, i grew up riding quads and dirt bikes and than as i got older transitioned into motorcycles, well i refound my passion for ATVs and picked myself up an 85 honda TRX250. so far im pretty pleased with it kinda crappy turning radius and no real top end speed but its still a blast to ride. im big into the bike forums and have learned a ton from them so i figured id give an ATV forum a try......if you have any tips and tricks to tweek my oldy but a goody let me know thanks rick

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