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  2. I agree with Frank. Probably carb related. I also have a Bayou 300 4x4 also and had loads of problems with the carb. Which I sorted with a set of Japanese jets and a new main needle. A couple of simple things to check first, make sure the airfilter box isn't full of crap. This will restrict air and cause the engine to run rich, fowling the plug. Check that the choke isn't stuck on. Move the lever on the handle bar and check that the choke arm is moving the carb choke butterfly open and shut. Failing this as Frank said if you can take the carb off, strip and clean it would be the next thing to do. Get hold of a manual which will step you through the procedure. This vid should help you Come back to us if you're still stumped.Good luck fella👍🏻
  3. Attached video gives a better idea of what’s happening. 👍🏻 0D4A0ED0-A1D0-4A75-BB31-6D17DABD9659.MOV
  4. Hopefully this should be a quick. I'm just replacing Primary and secondary clutches on my Bayou / KLF300 4x4. The centrifugal clutch was totally shot so decided to change both the bell and centrifugal assembly. When I took it apart the centrifugal clutch retaining nut was loose 😒 so it’s obviously been apart before. Putting it back together I've noticed that the bell has a 1mm endfloat. The inside shim is in place, I've checked the thickness is correct 0.8mm and everything is as it should be. I've tried putting the original clutch parts back in and it’s the same. So the obvious question, is this endfloat normal? Thanks in advance guys.

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