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  2. put into reverse and low range then shift up then move to push reverse back and to high range then press down gear pedal to put into neutral
  3. so i recently got a Suzuki king quad from what i have discovered i think it is a 1994 300 but cannot find serial number i have a couple of questions one is, is the engine oil fill cap and dipstick under the rear right fender??, one other is does this machine have a clutch?? i am not sure if there are any common problems this machine starts and runs and can ride for 5 mins then will conk out and will not start again the spark plug will be wet when removed sometimes i have changed fuel and done other checks but am not sure what is wrong we thinks its carb is being flooded a bit, the old battery will not start it, it just clicks from up near the battery we have been jumping it off a 12v car battery which makes it turn over and sometimes start but about 75% of the time it doesn't does anyone know what might be wrong with it?? thanks Quad-Rider53

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