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  2. Roger that.... I guess I'll just bite the bullet! Thanks for all the quick responses. Great site.
  3. I know I saw those. That's gonna be the only option I suppose. Just seems like a lot of money for a couple small trim pieces........... Thought I'd see what was available on the site. Thanks!
  4. Hello all, I have brought an 84 TRX 200 back to life and unfortunately whomever dug into it first removed the two trim pieces that go around the gas tank. I was thinking someone on the site may have an old parts bike with these pieces lying around..... If so, drop me a message and we can make a deal. I just want to complete the bike! Thanks, Jason
  5. Hey ya'll, I have a 1984 Honda TRX200 I need some fender parts etc. Are parts from a same year Honda TRX 250 compatible with a TRX 200? Specifically I need the tank cowl that goes around gas cap. Two separate pieces actually. Also need some other parts and a TRX 250 parts bike came up for sale........... Thinking about grabbing it if parts will work. Thanks!
  6. Thanks for help y'all. I've actually gotten one cylinder piston out. I think I can salvage this one. Letting the other one soak a while. Those spring retainers are a PIA! Ouch pricey.
  7. I've looked all over eBay and Amazon. I can find master cylinder stuff but no wheel cylinders. Parts diagrams say unavailable.
  8. Hello everybody, I am looking for a source for front brake wheel cylinders. Mine are shot. Are there any aftermarket manufacturers out there? Thanks ahead of time

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