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  1. I sent it to an independant shop, thinking maybe valve problems but they look good so I don't have a clue yet...will post when I get it fixed.
  2. no fuel pump--gravity feed straight from the tank. I have played with carb for a long time but I don't know anything about the electronic needle on the top. I will try running with plunger unpluged and see what it does.
  3. The float is empty and I can see no holes and like I said I put a new carb on the machine and it still does the same thing. There is a electric plunger of some type on the top of the carb that is new to me.
  4. the carb has no choke, just a enricher pump lever and the overflow starts after just a couple of minutes of running.
  5. I have a 400 cc roketa 4X4 that the cvk carb runs gas out the aircleaner . I have reset the float and put a new carb on but it still overflows. It has an electronic plunger on the top of the carb that I don't know anything about so if anyone has had this problem or knows how to repair it ???????

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