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  2. That was some great racing. I hope it stays close the whole season, but I think Stewart will end up walking away with it if he stays healthy though. Did you see the look he had at the end when asked about the poor start? Deer in the headlights all the way. Priceless.
  3. I use Motosport the most, but also Rocky Mountain, Motorworld, and some others.
  4. Try the shot and ask about therapy or at least the exercises to help strengthen your lower back. Try to take it easy and keep truck rides to short distances. Along with exercises, don't forget about good posture, lifting with legs, ect... You know, all the stuff they've been telling us since we started getting OLD. Ha ha
  5. 1. Well yes, when some one sticks a needle in your back, IT HURTS! For how, well not to long. Should be less then a day. 2. It didn't work for me at all. But it does work for some. Depends how bad off you are. It can't hurt to try. 3.I think only after repeated shots, but the doctor won't do more than 2, so you should be alright. 4. In '01 I herniated the L-4 L-5 and after 3 months of therapy, I had surgery. After 2 more months of therapy, I was back to about 70%. In '08 I did the same thing but had surgery within 30 days and received great therapy and I'm now at about 95% of what I was before I ever herniated it at all. Both times I had pain shooting down my leg and into my foot. I couldn't move my foot in front of hip while standing. If you have pain to that degree, then talk about surgery. And stop taking pain pills. They will hurt you in the long run. If you want to hear more in detail, send me your phone # and I'll call you. [email protected] Good luck. John

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