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  2. Thanks, now one more ball tournament then we can take it out somewhere, need to rig it for kayak rack, we are demoing some tomorrow so that will be next step, I went out yesterday to get the right size drop hitch for my car ๐Ÿ‘Š๐Ÿป5" drop worked perfect! I need to get a few new totes and repack my camping gear, excited to get out there and do something with it!! I also went to tractor supply, will be looking for a tongue box down the road, it'll be next years project โค๏ธ
  3. This is the location of the trailer, JTI Trailer, it's a 2014/15, good luck in your search, if you are going to do the other option find out soon, sounds like they take bids from 3rd parties and if one is coming to MI in a couple weeks, you might want your trailer on it too ๐Ÿ˜‰
  4. Yeah I'm going to pass on the OH deal, I sent them an email and told them I didn't want to regret not getting the larger trailer, I can send you the info, yes I am getting it shipped to my door for $500 also, it is more $$ and it's the market price for 6x12 (8495.00) but a few freebies are included which is nice, I wonder if the smaller trailer goes on sale and the larger ones they throw in some stuff, sadly some of it I won't use until I get more accessories but I'll hold onto them (example: adapter for cooler racks etc but I'm not getting cooler rack to utilize adapter) I'm excited and nervous all at the same time, but there is a 2 week waiting period so I'm putting deposit down to get the ball rolling ...lmk if you want the phone number to other place, maybe they'll make you a better deal than they made me ๐Ÿ˜‰
  5. The dealer is in Ohio, they are no longer an authorized dealer. I'll send the contact info once I know for sure I'm passing on this deal ๐Ÿ˜‰ Im going to try and sort out over the holiday weekend
  6. Btw they updated my quote since they sold off some accessories with the smaller trailer, seems I'm still about 6k (5800) so it just doesn't seem as good of a deal anymore, which is partly why I'm looking at shipped from Utah option....if you were me what would you look at doing?
  7. Awesome to hear, I sold my camper and now debating which trailer, I can get a brand new 2014-15 from a state away but it's the 6x8 and few accessories do about 6k, or I can get a show special shopped from Utah since no local dealers, but I can get the 6x12 with 8foot tent shipped for about 9k, I'm torn because my camper sold and I have 6k cash and could get the 6x8 np just have to travel to get it, but I wonder if I'll have regrets about not going bigger and having that extra deck space as the kids grow and the extra "toys" are needed. What would you recommend having owned one for some time?
  8. Yep and that's why I think the hubby will love it once I get it btw, my camper was bought with my work bonus because I wanted a camper in 2014 and hubby doesn't care to camp, we camped a few times a year then ball life took over with kids, so a lot of work on myself getting trailer level and hooked up etc, I can manage but the kids hate it because it takes so long with awning, rugs, level because if not perfect fridge won't work etc, too much....
  9. Yes I agree, I like that we can take out lawnmower to dealer for fixing if needed too, can't do that with the fun finder. I think pros and cons, it'll be cold here in MI but we only camp in summer/fall anyhow. A neighbor said never again to a pop up because they had bears tear through end of it, I could see that being a negative, too, but summer when hot the air is nice, but I've read about making air conditioner from 5gal bucket, and also you can buy them now for a few hundred that run off of electric. I plan to look more into the road showers too, was thinking on back gate. I super excited and hoping I can finally get it this spring! Then convince hubby to go with us will be the kicker
  10. Yep I found one about 3 hours from me, it's a new unit but a few years old, the dealer isn't listed anymore on jumping jack website and this trailer has been there now for the 2 years I've wanted it, but I need to sell my fun finder camper, I like my little camper but I want a trailer to take bikes and kayaks with us vs having a tv and running water (although I will miss that, I have researched on demand propane water heaters). Not to mention the upkeep and fear of leaks all the time. I just want simplified camping, you can see the price and accessories I can get, I think a great deal, but the funds will come from the sale of my camper, I have about 5 families lined up to view once out of storage.
  11. Why did it take me so long to find your site!
  12. Very cool, yeah the one I'm looking at will have the 4 extensions for 2 full sized beds, I bought 2 air mattresses to use on top for extra cushion, we'll sleep 2 on each side, wondering if my ez up tent will fit in there still with all that. Do you run extension cord through to a power strip from shore power? I'm considering getting battery and solar hook ups also for boondocking. Will research all that more later on.
  13. I'd love to see more, I've been on the fence about getting one, I can also get one for a good deal but hard to find here in MI. I actually didn't realize you would have room to put stuff on the floor when packing up, that is good to know!

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